WWF and SANParks - Support Your Parks

WWF - SANParksWWF - SANParks
WWF - SANParksWWF - SANParks

WWF and SANParks - Support Your Parks

As our country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to reconnect with South Africa’s beautiful natural heritage in our wild spaces and national parks.

It’s been six months of lockdown – away from the freedom to fully enjoy the great outdoors. During this time, many South Africans came to realise the true value of nature. How much we need it. How much we crave it when we cannot access it.

Now as spring unfurls, restrictions are lifted, and we celebrate Heritage Month, you can reconnect with nature.

Our country is blessed with a natural wealth almost beyond comparison. We have thousands of kilometres of beaches where the waves from two oceans break, mountains and valleys, wild plains and grasslands. At the heart of this are our national parks – the core of our country’s protected areas – which support amazing wildlife, wild plants, and the may people who rely on tourism for a living.

This is why WWF and SANParks have teamed up for Heritage Month to celebrate and support South Africa’s national parks.

We need our natural spaces and places. We need our national parks. And they need your support. R300 can maintain one hectare of our parks for one year. Donate now and you could win a unique SANParks experience.


Prizes include a SANParks game capture experience, a Wilderness Trail walk in the Kruger National Park and a two-night stay in a national park of your choice.

You are nature – connect with it. Respect it. Support it. Invest in it.

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